Dancing With the Stars

October 29, 2018

We signed up for tickets to attend a live taping of Dancing With the Stars.  They gave us line vouchers for the Halloween show so we can stand in line to maybe get in to be in the audience.

After waiting in line for a couple of hours we were taken inside the studio where, after taking our cell phones (so no photos during the show, but we recorded it on tv), they gave us our instructions for how to be the best live audience members, then said we would be watching the show that evening.  We were very excited!  When we went into the studio they walked us across the dance floor to sit in reserved seats.  We were told that we would be moved once the people that the seats were reserved for showed up. We didn’t sit next to each other, but we were in the same row. Luckily for us we got to stay in our seats for the entire show!  It was really fun being in the audience!  Our seats were in great spots to be on tv throughout the night.  Another bucket list item now checked off!

Waiting in Line
We’re going in!
Look closely at who’s in the audience!
Fungi Loves Sharna

Fungi may be on TV but Fungirl has the best view of Juan Pablo!



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