Defensive Handgun Training

May 22, 2018

Monday was the first day of a Two-day Defensive Handgun Course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute here in Pahrump, NV.  Fungi was very excited about handgun training, having not shot a pistol in almost 50 years, Fungirl was a little nervous, having never fired a gun before.  Before the course started we gathered our rental gear and put on our holsters then headed into the classroom for a lecture on Dry Practice (practicing firing a weapon without ammunition).  After the lecture we headed out to the range.  We met our instructors, then began loading bullets in magazines and learning about the handguns we were going to be using.


There was a lot of intensive training before we ever loaded live ammo into the handguns. Our instructors spent much of the morning showing us how to properly hold, load, use the frontsight, and press (not squeeze) the trigger of the handgun,  Finally it was time to fire the first shot.


We continued loading, firing and unloading our weapons from different distances from the targets until lunchtime.  After lunch it was back to the classroom for a lecture on the Color Code of Mental Awareness and the Combat Mindset.  The lecture was very informative and really made us think about how aware we are, or should be, of our surroundings and situations.

Back on the range we continued to practice loading, firing and unloading our weapons.  We also learned how to draw a concealed weapon.  One last lecture, Moral and Ethical Decisions Associated with the Use of Deadly Force before we were dismissed for the day.


We headed into Pahrump to get some dinner after our long day on the gun range and found Carmelo's, an authentic Italian restaurant.


Fungi had spaghetti with meat sauce and meatballs, and Fungirl had lasagne with meat sauce and bechamel sauce.  We met the chef and declared our dinner pasto delizioso, then headed home to get some rest after a long day.


Day Two of the Defensive Handgun Course started out on the range.  We were a little early so we had time for some dry practice.  Very beneficial.  The class started and we had more practice loading, unloading and firing our weapons.  We also learned about recognizing malfunctions and how to clear them.  


Finally it was time for lunch.

Our first activity after lunch was in a situation room where we had to fire 2 controlled shots at bad guys and not shoot the good guys or hostages.  A little nerve-wracking at first, but at least neither of us shot the good guys or hostages.  Whew!

When we got back to the classroom our next lesson was to recognize if we are squeezing the gun which can affect aim.


Then more practice from distances 3 feet to 15 feet from the target.


Our final lesson of the course was to shoot 5 bullets into a 1" square.  Our first attempts were a little off target.  Our second try was dry practice.  The third and final 5 shots were much closer to the square, with a couple of shots actually hitting our target.

At the end of the day we received our Certificates of Achievement.


It was an extremely informative course.  The instructors were very helpful and patient.  We're both looking forward to coming back for another course soon, maybe the Four-Day Training Course next time!




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