Fungi gets a new home!

May 20, 2018

Las Vegas ended up being a very expensive trip! No, we didn't lose our shirts in the casinos.  We bought a new 5th wheel.  We've been looking at newer RV's for a long time, but we weren't really expecting to buy one this trip.  It's pretty much everything we wanted though, and we got a good deal so it was the right time.  It's a 2018 Reflection by Grand Design.


The worst part of getting a new RV while on the road is moving.  We had arranged for another site at Wine Ridge RV Resort so we pulled the new RV into the new site Saturday night.  This morning we took most of our stuff out of the old trailer and piled it up outside.  


We got some funny looks from some of our neighbors.  I'm sure they were wondering what we were up to. 

We moved the new RV into yet another site so we could hook up the old trailer and move it across the driveway.  Then we brought the new RV into our spot where the back windows face the desert and mountains.  Then it was time to start putting all our stuff into our new home.

We spent most of the day going in and out of the new RV and back and forth across the driveway between the new RV and the old trailer.  We're spending our first night in our new home tonight.  

We're still trying to figure out where to put things, but we are really enjoying our new home.  I'm sure we're going to get a lot of miles out of it!

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