Little BooBoo’s Birthday

June 24, 2018

Happy Birthday, Little BooBoo! We had lots of fun baking a depression-era chocolate cake (uses vinegar in place of eggs), then decorating My Little Pony. The last time she had a My Little Pony cake she was 6 year’s old. It took a few years to make another one.


After decorating the cake for a couple of hours we had a snack-food lunch of salami, cheese, crackers, veggies & dips. We used mayonnaise Little BooBoo’s boyfriend made in the dips. This was his first time making mayonnaise.

After singing (robustly) “Happy Birthday to You” it was time to cut the cake.


Be careful with that knife, Little BooBoo!

What a yummy birthday cake! And a delicious birthday party.  Happy Birthday, Little BooBoo!

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