Living the Dream!

September 2018

We officially live in our RV! It was actually more difficult to leave the house than we thought it would be.  It’s amazing how attached we become to “things”.  But we’re living the dream now! 

Although sometimes it feels more like a nightmare.  On day 3 one of the RV slides popped out at the top while we were driving.  By the time we arrived at our destination we had a hole in our floor, right in front of the refrigerator.  

Then one of the RV slides got caught while it was opening and the trim came loose. 

It’s taking a little longer than we originally thought to get the hang of this gypsy life.  And now it’s getting better.  We’re still learning how to live with less.  It was supposed to feel freeing, but the transition doesn’t happen overnight.  Hopefully it won’t take too long to feel comfortable in our new home.

We’re trying out the oven in the RV.   We had some boysenberries from our vines, peaches from a customer and an apple, so we made an apple/peach/berry crisp.


The oven works pretty good.  Yum!

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