October 20, 2018

Today we checked in at Orangeland RV Park in Orange, CA (near Disneyland).   This place has a lot of citrus trees, orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine.  They told us to pick all the ripe fruit we want.        It’s a little early for most of the fruit, but we’ve found plenty of oranges that are ripe.  We’re having fresh squeezed orange juice every day.   Now this is the life.

We celebrated Halloween in Orange CA where the temperature was in the 70’s.  We carved pumpkins, just like we do every Halloween.              The pumpkins didn’t last very long in the heat, so we carved them at the last minute.  They were having a Halloween decorating contest in the RV Park so we walked around to check out everyone’s decorations.  Happy Halloween!  

We’re really enjoying living in Orange CA for about a month.  Disneyland is about a 15 minute drive away, so we had dinner in downtown Disney one night,               then spent a day in Disneyland in November.  They had decorated for Christmas so we started getting in the spirit early this year!

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